Sara Craig: Evelyn Sera is amazing. Her dogs are awesome. She supports every single one of her puppies and owners and is the nicest person in the world. She is also currently President of the Poodle Club of Canada.... she knows poodles. Her health and genetic goes above and byond.

I used on of her studs on my girl last fall. Also she has been the most amazing show mentor for me over the years. It's because of her I was able to room, spray up and show my own dog.

Liz Mabbs: I own 2 dogs from them. I am also a breeder so I have a stud dog and a bitch and they are both PHENOMENAL DOGS!! Love them so very much! Evelyn is so wonderful to work with! Can's say enough good things!

Joanne Parker - I have two. My oldest white female will be 9 in April. My silver male will be 7 in March. Both amazing dogs. I started stalking poor Evelyn in 2010 after researching breeders and having decided on a standard poodle as my breed. Her standards of breeding, feeding, how they introduce life and grooming along with her choices on other things and always being transparent about any health issues completely sold me. I followed her to shows and I went to her home. When I am ready for another kid I hope she will still be breeding! Love, love, love my dogs. Everyone who meets them just falls in love.

CJ Thompson - Yes I have three dogs from Seransil over the years, fabulous dogs, a wonderful breeder, mentor, and ambassador for the breed. If you are lucky to get a Seransil poodles you can't go wrong...a true preservationist breeder.

Sylvia - We got a pup from you in 2013. I just came across your website again and thought I would send you an update. Treasure has been an absolute joy in our life. and has taken to everything life has thrown at her from travelling across the country, to a baby and new pets. She's not always perfectly groomed but she has definitely been the perfect dog for us! Thankyou for breeding such well balanced, healthy dogs!